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Welcome to Pengower

The Pengower Platform is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that enables Developer Partners to create and deliver high quality web-based applications in a fraction of the time required in traditional development. Working in the cloud you are able to develop completely new applications or you can select from a library of pre-built application templates which you can quickly modify. As you create them the applications are available on the web and you never have to worry about scalability, backups, database administration, network administration, upgrades, or maintenance.

Use the links below to explore the site content.

Getting Started

Get Started with Pengower

  • Introduction to Development
    Get started developing with Pengower. Browse through our video tutorial series andl start your journey to being a Pengower Developer.
  • Types, Sections, Elements
    Things you need to know in creating and editing Types, Sections, and different Elements that you can use in your application.
  • Relationships
    Useful How To's and things you need to know about relationships between data types.
  • Custom HTML
    Learn to customize the look of your application using HTML scripts.
  • Custom Forms
    Everything you need to know about Custom Forms.
  • Actions
    Things you need to know in creating different Actions that you can use in your application.
  • Actions Script
    Learn how to use different command scripts using Pengower Script.
  • Groups
    Working on grouping your data records? These should help you out.
  • Filters
    Start creating Filters for your application.
  • Triggers
    Learn how to use Triggers to execute actions at certain events.
  • Views
    Things you need to know in creating different Views for your application.

How To's
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Useful Information

  • Variables
    Want to take it to the next level? Learn the basics of Pengower Script and how you can use it for your application. Learn how to modify, store and analyse different values.
  • Arrays
    Learn how to modify, store and analyse different values.
  • Statements
    Learn different scripting statements and use them on your application.
  • Logins
    Learn how to use different login techniques and processes.
  • Validation
    Learn how to use different validation techniques for your application.
  • File Management
    Want to know how to upload, attach, edit, and delete files and other file management related actions? You are in the right place.
  • Calendar Management
    Want to integrate Calendars to your application? Look no further, all you need to know is here.
  • Graphing
    Things you need to know about using different graphs to present information with style!
  • Importing
    Learn different importing techniques.
  • Exports
    Learn different exporting techniques and outputs.
  • Others
    Can't find what you are looking for in the topics above? You might find it here.
Advance Guides

Advanced Functionality

  • API
    Learn how to use different APIs for your application.
  • Cache Management
    Learn how to store items in memory rather than in the database between user requests.
  • Spreadsheet Management
    Learn how to allow the creation and manipulation of a spreadsheet that is compatible with Microsoft Excel
  • Outlook Emails
  1. Outlook Integration
  2. Outlook Add-On
  3. Email Integration
Account Management
Reference Guides