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An application view brings together all the different elements of the Interface and places them in a particular application Layout as well as defining particular style variables such as colours and fonts etc.



The name of the View you wish to create.


A description of the Type you wish to create.


Generates the "Uniform Resource Locator" or URL of your application which it can be accessed from.

Is Secure

Makes an application secure by requiring user access through a login page.

Start Action

The first action that is activated whenever the view is opened.

Edit Style button

Enables the view styling function of the application.

Create top Image

Enables to edit the top left and top right images of your application


Dictates the interface layout of your application

Layout Parameters

Gives the ability to choose different layout interface like Menus, Sidebars, and Toolbars.

Interface Components


Menus are an element of the Interface Layer which display the tabs of an application. E.g 'People', 'Organisations' and 'Logout'.



Toolbars are an element of the Interface Layer which display Actions in the form of icons underneath the Menu on in the application. E.g the toolbar could display an Action to 'Add a new person'.



A sidebar is a list of different actions or data records that is found at the left hand side of the application's view. This could display 'Recent Items' which would be handy for the user to go back to in the application quickly and easily.


Work Region

Work Region is the application's work space. This is where users view and manipulate data.

Work Regions.jpg

Interface Layouts

Standard Application Layout

Standard Application Layout presents information through the use of Menu, Sidebar, Toolbar, and Work Region.

Standard Application Layout.jpg

Work Region Only Layout

Work Region Only Layout only presents users the workspace.

Work Region Layout.jpg

Menu Only Application Layout

Menu Only Application Layout presents both the Menu and the workspace.

Menu Only Application.jpg

Top Image and Application Layout

Top Image and Application Layout is the same with a standard application layout but shows a banner image found at the top of the application.

Top Image and Application Layout.jpg

Toolbar Only Application

Toolbar Only Application presents the Toolbar and the workspace.

Toolbar only application.jpg

Menu and Top Image Layout

Menu and Top Image Layout presents the Menu, workspace and the image banner at the top of the application.

Menu and Top Image Layout.jpg

View Styling

To learn how style your view, visit the tutorial on How to Edit a View's Style.

Creating and Editing Views

Learn how to create and edit Views through our tutorial on How to Create a View.


You can see how Views are created and used in this video below:

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