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Applications can have a number of User Types, creating these enables the developer to select which type of user has certain permissions. As an example, a general user may only have access to a Main View of an application and some tabs may be restricted for particular User Types while a User Type with Administrative permissions may have access to every view (ie. Main View and Administration) and all content in the application.)



The name of the User Type you wish to create


The description of the User Type you wish to create


The Data Type the User Type belongs to

Reset PW Element

The element that is verified when you try to reset your password

Password Regex

Password Regular Expression sets the rules that the password needs to conform with to be a valid password (e.g Password needs to contain at least one number and one upper case letter, etc.)

Regex Description

Regular Expression Description describes the rules set by the Regular Expression that should be followed.

Control Over

This enables Users to manage other users in the application. Users who have administrative privelages can set themselves higher than other users.


Dictates which Application Views this particular User Type can access.

Creating and Editing User Types

You can visit our tutorial on How to Create User Types to learn more how you can create and edit User Types.


You can see how User Types are created and used in this video below:

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