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1. When deciding on a name for a Type, Section or Element ensure that only key works are capitalised and that 'glue' words are left as lower case.


Allocate Numbers for this Organisation Unit...

Avg Episodes in 52 weeks

Delete this Time Zone...

2. If an element is hidden, as in the case of many relationship definitions on a type, suffix the element name with an underscore character (_) and move it to the bottom of the list of element names.

3. You can not have two elements with the same name on the same type yet, in many instances, this is desirable. Imagine that you have a type Sales Order on which is a RELATIONSHIP element called Customer. You may wish the user to see the customer name when they view a list of Sales Order, which you can easily achieve by creating a LINKED_COPY element. You want the customer name appear with a label of Customer but this name is already being used as the name for the relationship. So instead you can give the element a name of:
1 Customer 

...which is basically Customer plus a non-breaking space character. The Application Builder will recognise that this name is different to 'Customer' but when the label is displayed the non-breaking space will appear as a space and therefore the user will only see Customer. Alternitavely a fullstop can be added to the end of the element name Customer.

4. The first section name should be the name of the type. Eg. For a Type of Employee the name of the first section should be Employee. This helps the user when the type is displayed to them; there is no confusion as to what the data being presented to them relates to.

5. Deletion of a major type (eg. Employee, Job, Order etc.) should be done using an ACTION_BUTTON on a seperate section named Administration. Having this on a seperate tab means access can be restricted to certain users; for example you may wish System Administrators to access this tab but not ordinary users.

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