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The data model used within the framework of the Pengower Meta Application Builder and Platform is based on the concept of data Types, which define the makeup and structure of particular Data Objects within the data model. In this data modeling framework, Types need to include a lot of data can be divided into Sections. The purpose of dividing data Types into different Sections is so that when Users display or create a Data Object of that Type for use in the application, they can view the Object in Sections rather than having to display all its data Elements on a single form. Not only does this improve the usability of the application, it also helps to make it more efficient, in the sense that it simply needs to retrieve, store or present the data associated with that Section of the Data Object that the User is particularly interested in.

Each Section of a data Object is displayed as a separate “Tab” within the workspace.

When an Object inherits the data from a Parent Object the Parent Object sections simply appear in front of the Child Object Sections. E.g The Section of “Employee Object” where the Basic Details, Relationships and Intelligence are inherited from the Person Object.

When Attributes are applied to data Objects their tabs will be displayed as part of the main object. E.g an attributable Object “Acc Manager” would be displayed as part of the Employee Object. Note: if an Attribute also has an Attribute only the first Tab of the second Attribute will be displayed when the first Attribute is applied to the Standard Type.


Parent Name

The Data Type the sections belongs to.


The name of the Section you wish to create


A description of the Section you wish to create, used to store design notes.

Excluded User Types

The list of User types which you can give or restrict access to this Section.

New Element button

Button to add elements for this particular section.

Element listing

List of all elements created under this section

Creating and Editing Sections

You can visit our tutorial on How to create Sections to know more on how you can create and edit Sections.


You can see how Sections are created and used in this video below:

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