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Application Security

All Pengower Application passwords are encrypted with customer administrated password policies, not visible to Pengower staff. The Pengower Platform also employs sophisticated session key management and the fact that Pengower Applications are completely dynamic (and do not use the concept of “web pages”) adds a further level of security above and beyond most web-based systems.

All Pengower Applications monitor themselves for unauthorized access, and Customer administrators can monitor login patterns and usage. In addition Pengower Applications offer granular control over data access.

Customers access the Cloud Application using 128-bit SSL encryption for every transaction and the Pengower Platform is authenticated using VeriSign Certification.

Furthermore, Pengower uses firewall technologies to prevent probing and detect attempted intrusions. Pengower constantly monitors a review firewall logs as part of its security policy.

Physical Security

The Pengower infrastructure has built in redundancy that ensures the risk of customer outage is reduced to negligible levels. We use state-of-the art system monitoring (24 hours a day), which means that any system problems are quickly identified and solved, preventing any systems outages from occurring. In addition, our systems are managed in an environment whose features include:

Security - Physical security is offered around the clock and includes security staff, CCTV and perimeter sensors. Access control is strictly monitored.

Cabinets - Locked cabinet space and managed cabling, access is practical and totally secure.

Fire Suppression - We operate a FM200 fire suppression system. The equipment guards against false alarms and ensures fast, efficient suppression without damage to your hardware in the event of a real emergency.

Connectivity - The Data Centre is supplied via two large 2.5Gbps pipes for maximum reliability and performance.

Air Conditioning - Air conditioning systems maintain the temperature and humidity at optimum levels throughout the hosting suites

Power Supply - Electrical supplies are provided via a 1 MVA Parallel Redundant (N+1) Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system with automatic generator back-up if power from the public utility supply should fail.

Service Ducts - Service ducts house all cabling in an ideal environment, guaranteeing maximum performance and minimum disturbance.

We pride ourselves for offering high security and backups to our customers and partners. If problems were to occur we have two enterprise, high class data centres – we use one solely for backup

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