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Frequently asked questions


What is Platform-as-a Service (PaaS)?

PaaS is a hosted platform for the creation of software applications that run over the internet. These applications and their data are stored on secure servers, software applications can be easily customised by simply amending fields, or adding complex reporting functionality, solutions can also be created from scratch. The Pengower Platform as Service offering provides the infrastructure needed for the running of your applications – the service works in a similar way to utilities.

What applications does the platform provide?

The types of applications that can be created and developed on the Pengower Platform are endless. Any application that needs to store, manage and analyse data can be produced using the platform. Pengower offer a number of template applications for developers, additional templates will be added to the library over time. Software solutions include penEnterprise an advanced CRM, and penHR a complete management tool for workforce and human resources.

Are the application templates free?

Applications on the template library are free for developers.

Can I access my data offline?

The Pengower Platform is an online service; access to data offline is unavailable.

What are the minimum requirements to access the Platform?

To access the Pengower Platform you require an internet connection and a standard browser

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Pengower login details

Supported browsers: All standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Where is my data hosted?

Pengower are partnered with UKS Solutions, a Tier 4 certified hosting provider.

Building Specification
Technical (hosting) Space 930 square metres (10,000 square feet) delivered as up to 500 foot-prints
Floor Loading 5kN per square metre
Building Technical space split over two floors with two suites per floor
Power Specification
Power Specification 1.5kW/M2 per system, A+B systems for resiliency
Utility Supply 11kV Supply delivered via dual cable arrangement from substations
Core Distribution 2 x 2MVA Transformers feeding A and B supplies
Backup UPS Two independent systems to provide true diverse feeds and protect customer equipment during transfer to generators
Generators 2 x 1MVA prime rated diesel generator systems at launch, up to 5 parallel (4+1 spare) in line with load requirements
Generator Autonomy 28,000 litres fuel (1 week) with fuel supply agreements
Power per Footprint Suites designed to average 4kW per footprint
Environmental Specification
Cooling - Specification 1.5kW/M2 load (resiliency through per system A+B systems, 26±2 oC). Target 27oC inlet air in-line with best practice
Cooling - Air Handling Air handling units arranged in A+B systems at 100% capacity per system into pressurised floor
Cooling - Chillers and Redundancy Energy efficient coolers arranged in A+B systems at 100% capacity per system
Monitoring Suite based centrally managed Building Management System, with monitoring including: temperature; leak detection; occupancy; and BMS input from air-handling units, fire systems and other local M&E equipment
Lighting Environmentally aware occupancy based lighting with minimum lighting "always on". No external windows to suites.
Fire Detection Building-wide fire detection with suite based multi-zones with both ionisation and optical detectors in roof, data floor and raised floor VESDA aspirating smoke detectors
Access Site perimeter control with "pod" style anti-tailgating doors between building reception and secure areas
Site Security 24x7 On-site security Full alarm system monitored 24x7 PAC access control system with audit logs and formal documented site access policy Internal and external CCTV with up to 90 days of motion activated capture


How do I access my view?

To access your application, copy the views URL from the 'Views' function of the builder. Open any standard browser on your host machine (not the remote desktop) and simply paste the View's address into the address bar.

I get an error when regenerating application lists, what do I do?

Select configuration 'Demo-Internal', select your application and then regenerate. Switch back to 'Demo'.

I dont have enought licenses to add/edit a user?

In the builder select your application -> Edit Application, from here you can increase the number of licenses

I can't login to my application, how do I resolve this?

In the builder go to the 'Users' function -> check Username /Password (here you can change the password) You can also check 'User Types' and check that the user type has been allowed access to the particular view you'd like to login to.

What do I do if 'Login Failure/ Login credentials have been repeatedly entered incorrectly. Please contact your application administrator?

If this message occurs and you've entered incorrect login details, go into the builder -> into configuration 'Demo-internal' Users -> Select user -> click clear (below edit button)