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The data model used within the framework of the Pengower Meta Application Builder and Platform is based on the concept of data Types where Types are created to define the makeup and structure of particular data objects within the data model. Types contain one or more sections which in turn contain one or more data elements (which are similar to the notion of fields). The Pengower development framework supports the inclusion of many different types of Type Section Elements such as text, dates, numbers etc.


Parent Name

The Section the Element belongs to.


This is the Title of the element and is used during various stages of the development process and will be displayed when the element is displayed in the application


A description of the Element you wish to create, used to store design notes.

Essential Checkbox

Check this box to make a data element compulsory. Where Elements are essential then the User will not be able to complete the save object action unless they have entered data into this field.

Hidden Checkbox

Check this box to hide the data element when the data Object is displayed in the application.

Default Focus Checkbox

Automatically puts the focus on this element to be completed or filled out when a form is opened.

Populate Only

(Insert Description here)


Select the type of Element you wish to create from the dropdown menu.

Default Value

Automatically sets the text in this field to the value of the Element.

Options: General/Rendering

When Elements are created many of them will allow the developer to select how they wish that Element to be Rendered or displayed. Many elements will have a default rendering.

Options: List Items

Some types of Elements require the display of a list of data items and where this is the case the list is created using this dialogue. NB, to use this function create and save the element first and then press the Edit Element button to access the List Items button.

Options: Validation

Using this functionality, a regular expression can be created to validate the data that a User inputs into a Text or Number Element (for example that a phone number has at least 10 numeric characters). NB this provides Client side validation

Options: Expression

Calculated Elements require a mathematical expression, which is created using this dialogue.

Creating and Editing Elements

You can visit our tutorial on How to create Elements to know more on how you can create and edit Elements.


You can see how Elements are created and used in this video below:

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