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A Custom form is a page which allows you to present or enter information and data but in contrast with data types, it doesnt specifically store data in its own right.

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The name of the Custom Form you wish to create.


A description of the Custom Form you wish to create, used to store design notes.

Pre Open Action

Action to be automatically activated when the Custom Form is opened.

Process Action

An action that is activated when the Custom Form is submitted

New Element button

Like the one found on Sections, this button is used to add elements for this Custom Form.

Element listing

The list of all Elements created under the custom form.

Difference between a Form and a Type

A Type is the actual record, for example ‘Person’ - and it could have three forms on three separate tabs. They are the system showing you what data is on that person in the database: so fundamentally it’s a data object - within the rendering it’s presented to us as three forms. Forms and Types both have the same options in the builder.

Creating and Editing Custom Forms

To learn how to create a Custom form, please visit our How to Create Custom Forms tutorial.


You can see how Custom Forms are created and used in this video below:

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