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Account Management

The Pengower Builder allows you to manage your account details.

To manage your account details, simply go to the upper right part of the builder and click on your username.


1. Edit Company Details

Edit Company Details lets you edit your account's basic information.




The name of your application

Address 1

The first line of the address you want the application to be associated to (Unit or house number and street).

Address 2

The second line of the address you want the application to be associated to (Town, City and Country).


The contact number that the application is associated to.

2. Developers

Developers lets you view a list of all active developers who can make changes to your application.



Add Developer

The add developer button let's you add a new developer. Clicking on it will open a new window which let's you enter the developer's user access and some basic information. The Admin checkbox enables the developer to have admin capabilities like making changes to the application details and adding another developer. The Active checkbox enables the developer to work on the application.


3. Configurations

Configuration lets you view all current configurations that your account has access to. A Configuration can host one or more applications. Typically, a customer or a client is assigned one configuration which consists of different applications. You can access the configuration settings by simply clicking on it. It should direct you to another window.



4. Companies

Companies lists all your current companies or clients under your account. You can edit their information by simply clicking on their names.



You can update the company's basic information like title, address and phone number. You can also add different configurations to the company as well. Lastly, you can enable it as an active company by checking on the active checkbox.

You can add a company by clicking on the Add Company button.


5. Online Users

Online Users shows you the users under your team that are online at the moment. You can view details like their usernames, last date and time they have logged in to the builder.



6. Edit My Details

Edit my details lets you edit your own account's details like username, password, email address, first name and surname



Profile Elements

Username & Password

- Username and Password used to log in to your Pengower Builder account

Repeat Password

- Used to confirm the chosen Password.


- The Email Address that is used for the Pengower Builder account

First Name & Surname

- User's Name to identify the ownership of the account.

7. Send Message

Send Message let's you submit reports regarding application bugs and other account related issues.



Send a message by filling out the fields below. Put in the summary of your message in the subject field and use the content field to write in the content of your message. Lastly, you have the option to upload a screenshot to help us understand and identify the issue that is reported

8. Logout

Logout lets you close the application and exit the builder.